Aug 2, 2020

Moving houses in your mid 20s

I recently found a new apartment that I move to later this week. 

Interestingly, this is my first legit move. Over the past few years I have moved atleast once a year, from one dorm room to another, or one furnished apartment to another. But this time, I find myself moving houses after 2 years. 

The differences are apparent, and not just a product of having lived here longer, but also as a product of being older, which makes moving in my mid 20s so different from moving in my teens or early 20s. 

To begin with, a third of my stuff is suddenly kitchen utensils and cookware. As a college student, I owned 1 mug, 1 plate, 1 bowl, 1 fork and 1 spoon. All these would easily fit into one of my two suitcases amongst my clothes or my two pairs of bedsheets. 

And speaking of linen, I find myself with far more towels, sheets, blankets than I will ever use. But in an attempt to not be wasteful, I keep them with the intention of using all of them someday after my favourite ones are either torn, stained or just too old to be effectively used. 

Every move I have done before has involved lugging my suitcases down to the driveway, where I stuff my things into the trunk of a Grab or Uber, and in the backseat with me. My last move was to a building right next to mine, so that didn't even require a cab. But now, I have 2 standing lamps, 2 side tables, an ergonomic chair, 2 floor chairs, 2 dustbins and a standing fan. I didn't want my Grab rating to go down, so I hired a Go Go Van. 

Since I have hired a Go Go Van, I need to transport all my stuff at once in the lorry that arrives this Wednesday. Since my suitcases are no longer capable of holding all my belongings, I now have to find cardboard boxes. I have never used cardboard boxes to pack before, so it has been a novel experience to master packing those. 

The new apartment has a closet and kitchen cabinets, but it doesn't have a bookshelf or storage space for all my wine glasses. So I need to buy furniture to keep all my things in, another new aspect of moving that I never had to experience. There was always room for my two suitcases in previous moves. 

Clearly, my baggage has increased over the years. Is it called growing up or spoiling oneself? Not sure, but I certainly dread the next move when I have all those bookshelves and storage units to move to the next house I live in. 

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