May 31, 2011

Universal Studios-Island Of Adventure, Orlando

Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Spider Man- been there, done that!

Universal Studios, to be specific, Island of Adventure could have been the place where all these movies happened and I wouldn't know it.

We started with the one highest in demand-HP theme Park


My brother buys a wand

Dad holds ALL our stuff while we go to the scariest ride ever-The Dragon Challenge


A Snowman in 35 degrees Celsius!

Hogsmeade's Butter Beer

Have you seen Sirius Black?

The Frog Choir

A souvenir from HP land  

Some of the rides we went for here was the forbidden journey, which took us into corridors of hogwarts, flight of the hippogriff, a roller coaster which resembled a hippogriff. and the dragon challenge, which is the scariest ride i've been on up till now.

After then came Jurassic Park.

The BIG BLACK gates!

The infamous jeep

A tribal street dancer joined by tourists

At Camp Jurassic-A place to explore mines, caves and dinosaur nets.

My brother fools around in the caves of camp jurassic

The nets/play area of camp jurassic

I fool around a bit too!
..A lot actually!

This was the point of time when mom and dad took time off while we jumped around. That happens a lot these days! We end up going uselessly back and forth the place and ultimately come back to find them at the same place!

Apart from that we went for the Jurassic Park River Adventure, which was a water ride (it didn't get us all that wet) . Dad wanted to go to these things called Pteranodon Flyers. But turned that the ride was for small kids, and you could only go if you were going for the purpose of accompanying a kid. Dad wanted to go so badly, that he tried convincing the guards that I was a kid! Well that didn't turn out to well. So Camp Jurassic and River Adventure were the only rides we ended up going for!

Pternodon Flyers

Next we went to Marvel Super Hero Land. Here we went for the Spider Man Ride. It was a 3D virtual reality! We ended up waiting in the queue for really long. There was some technical error and for about 15 minutes they stopped running the ride!
Well luckily they had some interesting things on the walls of one of the rooms in which we stood in the queue. They were things from the daily bugle (the newspaper in which Peter Parker worked in as a photographer). Here are some of them!

Achievements of the daily bugle

Frustrated Boss, no?

and pretty determined too, don't you think?

Now that is just normal for a boss!
We didn't end up going for The Incredible Hulk roller Coaster and the the Doctor Doom's Fearfall, which seemed pretty exciting by the look of it! But we didn't end up going 'cuz we were kinda tired of roller coasters by then!

We went to Toon Lagoon next. They had all these comic strips everywhere in the streets and cartoon cafes and everything!

One of the eating joints in Toon Lagoon

That's a verryy interesting sandwich blondie has there!

My dad and brother get a picture with a statue of popeye

And I get a picture with the real Popeye and Olive!

We go on a water ride-Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls and get WET

Since we're wet anyway (and want a place to sit) we take another water ride-Popeye and Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges. They're like tea cups revolving at the speed of the earth! No harm!

Maybe we should have reconsidered-this time we get SOAKED!

Our clothes are way to soaked to dry off in the sun. We try out the family dryer. Amazingly effective. (Although it didn't dry my shoes. I ended up walking barefoot-which was kinda fun!)

Although we visited 4 out of 6 islands (we could not see The Lost Continent and Seuss Landing), it felt like we'd seen so much!

Will keep my eyes shut for the next Universal Park two days later.

May 29, 2011


 Today we dropped by Kennedy Space Center. I didn't expect it to be so much fun.

A view of space shuttles at the entrance

 We started our day with a 2 hour long bus tour. They showed us some sites there.

NASA Building

A model resembling the launch pad

The area which controlled the launch of apollo 8 in 1968

An Astronautic Suit 

A Lunar Sample from the Moon

Another Lunar Sample

The tools used to collect Lunar Samples in 1968

Special Astronautical Suits made out of Metal

Later we hung around in this visitor's complex. They had this model of an airplane there where we could go inside and see what it really looked like.
Model of an Aircraft

Insides of the Aircraft model
We also went for a virtual reality ride. It felt as if we were really going into space.
Then we went to the I-Max theater and saw this 3D movie called Hubble. It was amazing! It was about this space telescope hubble which takes photographs and sends them back to the earth. It's been up there for a while and is already pretty deep into the Universe.

The best 3D effects ever seen!

It was incredible seeing the kind of highly intellectual work the guys here are doing. Hope there are many more to come!

And like always, we ended up fooling around at the end of the day. 

Pink Lemonade-A new drink for me!

We see the flyover opening up to give way to a really tall ship passing underway

Sea World, Orlando

We visited Sea World today. It was so much fun!

We went to a couple of shows and also some roller coasters!

The first show we went for is the Shamu Show. It had killer whales doing all kinds of things.

A trainer woos the whales into performing at the Shamu Show

Then we went to another show called "Call of the Ocean". It was mostly acrobats impersonating life at sea.
After that came the Clyde and Seamore show! That was the best. This one had seals in it. They had this whole story that they acted out on sets which looked like those of pirates of the carribean!

Sets of the Clyde and Seamore show

The captain of the ship orders one of the seals around

One of the pirate fools around with the seal
Lunch time for the seals
A Walrus brought in at the end of the show!

Next came the whale and dolphin show. Although the whale never came (apparently it wasn't in a mood to perform), the dolphins were amazing! There were acrobats in that show too.

Sets of the Whale and Dolphin Show

Artist impersonating a parrot at the show

More acrobats at the show

We also went on some roller coasters.

The Kraken-My favourite

And here is some other random stuff we did-aquariums, getting airbrush tattoos, and just hanging out!

A fish school 

A Mantaray at the Acquarium

An Octopus at the Aquarium

A Leafy Sea Dragon at the Aquarium

Surrounded by fish-One of the coolest picture booths i've ever seen!

My dad's friend and his son enjoy the whale's and dolphin's show

A ship one kills to play on

Tattoos at Sea World!

My tattoo!
A jet prints the word "God" in the sky