Sep 2, 2012

Do I know you?

Have you seen any of those films where the hero walks upto a very pretty girl and tries to hit on her by saying "Have I seen you before? You look familiar."
You've probably seen it in more films that you'd want to. Over time, it's become a cliche.

But I realized, that as you meet more and more people you start forgetting the people who you have met briefly or in  a crowd. You cannot remember everyone you have said hello to!

Today I was at an event where I saw someone who seemed strikingly familiar. I couldn't place in my head where I had met him. But I knew I had. And this wasn't the first time such a thing was happening. 
Three fourths of my mind in such cases wants to go upto the person and ask if we have met before. The other one fourth fights back and tells me what a horrible idea that is at the risk of sounding like a hero in a movie. I normally end up listening to the other half. 
That's what happens to most people. It's sort of like the fear of rejection. If the other person doesn't recognize you or can't remember who you are, the joke is pretty much on you. 

Well, next time, I'll try not to bother. Who knows! I may not end up being the weird stranger and instead, it might just turn out that I know that familiar person after all.