Jul 13, 2020

Creativity makes my life better

Just a few days ago, I started work on a mini personal project which involved more creativity than my usual day does. It involved editing a video and adding any musical or artistic touches to it. These are not areas my eyes and ears have been trained in, but I still think its fun to play around and see what magic I can make with my limited skill. 

Whilst doing that this past week, I noticed all sorts of side effects of adding some creativity into my otherwise non creative routine. While I often read, design PowerPoint presentations and do those sorts of things that exercise a tiny bit of my creativity, it is highly limited and not something I spend a lot of time on. Spending a few hours this past week doing something creative led to improved quality of conversation, increased curiosity and the desire to pursue more creative endeavors. 

When it came to conversation, I had more to say and humor came more easily. My conversations overall felt more entertaining, at least to myself if not to other people. I asked more questions, which led to further quality conversation. 

More so, the whole creative endeavor felt like a drug in some way, one that I wanted more of when I was done. It wasn't just fun in the moment, but I liked the life it brought back to me after all the stay at home and lack of the usual stimulation that I was used to getting living in a bustling city. 

It also made me realize how the lack of creative work in my life had slowly but surely negatively impacted my life quality outside of work. It made me think of how important it is to keep those elements in my life whether its a part of the work I get paid for, or the part I do in my spare time. 

Going forward, I hope to find more ways to keep creativity as a part of my everyday, even if its just for the sake of it! 

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